Punch-cutter Nelly Gable: Steel Magnolia of the Imprimerie Nationale

An inspirational and truly unique woman! Thanks Nancy for this article.


Imprimerie Nationale
Le Cabinet des poinçons et Atelier du livre d’art et de l’estampe
Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Date of Visit: March 2007

École Estienne
18 boulevard Auguste-Blanqui
75013 Paris
Date of Visit: March 2007

The Grolier Club

47 E 60th Street, New York
Date of Visit: December 7, 2011
Link: http://www.grolierclub.org/

Please note, all text © 2011 Design history.org.
All photos © 2011 by Designhistory.org and Charles de Limur

Some Background
We first learned about Nelly Gable, the assumed one and only female punch-cutter in the history of the world, during a type history class taught by James Mosely at the Rare Book Schoolin 2002. Our ears pricked up the mention of her name—not only was the lecture finally including a women but she was still alive and held an important position in France’s Imprimere Nationale. Mr. Mosely distributed one of her poems, gy, or the magical journey of…

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