My online shop is open!

All right. Only 3 products so far. But it feels good! I chose to set out my stall on Folksy which is a site hosting U.K. artist makers and craftspeople. No vintage, nothing mass produced. That seemed like a good fit. On the advice of a fellow printmaker Mandy Wax, I’ve also restarted Twitter. I didn’t get the concept when I joined a few years ago.. It felt like standing in a crowd where everyone was shouting at once. But Mandy explained how it’s great for connecting directly with other artists and finding opportunities. So I’m going to try again, this time with a focus.
12 months ago I stood at the threshold. After many years of daydreaming, procrastinating and finding excuses , I decided to change my ways and try to make the dream a reality. I can say now that it is happening. Bit by bit, but I’m on the way. And with all the changes taking place around me in my day job, I now feel prepared for what life may throw at me next. To be fair to myself, years ago I couldn’t have done it. The internet has been my fairy godmother…made up of all those people who also have a dream. Thank you to all of those people! But above all, I have learned…when you make a wish, often you can grant it yourself.
Twitter : @pressgenepy

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