2015 Events Diary – see Press Genepy at work

New Year

If only we could hold that deadline

2015 events diary

Happy New Year to everyone!

Like the secret presses of the Levellers (whose activities were the original inspiration for our project), Press Genepy travels, and will be appearing at four public events in 2015. Three of the four will be as part of an English Civil War Society re-enactment event; the fourth in September, is supporting the British Printing Society, which is a first for me, and I’m especially looking forward to seeing what proper printers make of the Common Press.

May 24-25 Whitsun Bank Holiday:

Valence House, Dagenham


July(exact date tbc)

Forty Hall, Enfield, Middx


August 15-16:

Aardvark Books, Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire


September 12-13:

Barleylands Country Show, Billericay, Essex


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