Plenty of plans

The last event for 2016 has gone by. We had a fun day on Saturday at the Craft Fair held in the Parish Church in Thaxted, Essex, alongside other members of the British Printing Society who had their presses going as well – producing some nice souvenirs for visitors young and old. It is always a treat to meet with other printers, and Saturday was no exception – a young screen printer dropped by and we were also introduced to Sally, a linocutter and Russell her partner who is building the shed to house their press. Sounds like a story I know…I hope I get the chance to see it when finished.

The events may be over, but the plans certainly are not. I have three projects in mind for next year, time will tell which ones come to fruition. I’m working on a calendar(originally for 2016 – looks like it will be 2018 now!) I want to do a new edition of my playing cards with handmade paper, and I also hope to make my first booklet.

I’ve made progress with this last project recently. The plan is for a simple 16 page booklet containing 12 pictures and short verses taken from a Tudor publication “500 Points of Husbandrie” by Thomas Tusser. I’ve completed the designs of each picture and the colophon to go at the end. I’ve got the blocks cut to size and have started transferring the designs.

The challenge will be that I’ll be using far more type than before – and for the first time, I’ll be printing on both sides of the page, bringing the question of registration into play. When I had my chase made, I forgot one requirement stated in Moxon that grooves should be cut into the chase to receive the press points. Having heard of a printers’ engineer in Barnet – Harry F Rochat-  I contacted them to see if it could be done and they recommended a visit. When Mr Rochat saw the chase he told me honestly that he didn’t recommend it to be done, as it would weaken the metal. However he showed me the press points that were made there, and I ordered a pair.

A lovely pair of points from www.harryrochat,com - things of engineered beauty!

A lovely pair of points from http://www.harryrochat,com – things of engineered beauty!

They are big enough that they can swing away from the chase and not knock into it. When I was there I was also impressed to see the lovely new Albions that they make there. Sure would like one of those, one day. But with these three projects, I think I’ve handed myself quite enough work for the moment!

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