A Show of Hands

This is an exhibition of prints, letterpress posters and ephemera that is currently being shown at Corsham Court, a campus of Bath Spa University, until 19th October 2019. Afterwards I understand it will tour to York and then London , and a small catalogue is available.

Earlier this year the invitation to apply went out; the brief was to feature the “Printer’s Fist” which is also known as the manicule and to use letterpress somewhere in the design. Everything else was left to the designer, and the range of responses was really interesting and inspiring. As far as my own design was concerned, the project gave me a chance to explore using the banderole or speech bubble:often seen in old ballads. I cut a hole in the block, which this time round was vinyl supported by MDF, and wedged the letters into the space by means of rubber and gum.


Block showing the hole cut for the banderole


Screenshot_2019-09-30 genepy-print-scan pdf

I called my effort “The Ballad Seller”

On Friday 27th September, many of the exhibitors went to attend the opening as well as a very interesting afternoon of lectures on the subject. I felt quite happy to have my print featured among some very high quality work. It was also a treat to see the print room there with a beautiful Albion donated by Michael Turner to the university, and above all to see up close the really wonderful woodcuts in the 15th century “Nuremberg Chronicle”, a copy of which is owned and was kindly lent to the show by the owner of Corsham Court.  SoH-Feature-2


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