New block now ready for the next stage

I have completed the new block. Completed block

I had a short time to enjoy it in this state before it was time to proof. Sadly after the first inking, it goes black. Block and proof on stone

The results are quite satisfactory. I found a reasonable quality proof of my first block, and here they are side by side. Old on the left, new on the right. In time, I expect the lines of the new block may also become a little thicker as they acquire patinas of ink.Old and new block proofs

There is still an issue which occurred early on at the drawing stage; namely that the frame containing the Knave of Diamonds at the bottom right hand corner, is slightly lower than the others on that row. This will be an issue when cutting up the cards. However, this is much further down the road. I have now to get some more stencil card to cut four new colour stencils. After that, I’ll have to bite the bullet, invest in some hand made paper and do an edition of “best”. The sheets that are successfully printed and coloured can be glued onto the other layers of paper to create card.


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