It’s a wrapper…

What a very weird feeling…I’ve completed a project! My cards are wrapped up and ready for sale. Even as I finished, I knew there’d be a Mark V in the future, as the pip stencil needs to be better. So Mark IV is a very small edition of 5, numbered and initialled on the cover.

The Green Man presents…A pack of playing cards.

The wrapper is also a hand printed woodcut, executed some years ago with a design inspired by a broadsheet ballad, and the shape taken from some existing examples. The Mark IV pack had slightly different dimensions from my older versions, so the wrapper shape didn’t go all around. From leftover paper I constructed a tuck box (thanks, for the template!) and then pasted the Green Man print, also printed on the same paper, onto the front. A little belly band with some info is added with some sealing wax to secure it, and then finally an outer cover of glassine to keep everything neat.

I think that if anyone buys one of these packs they would want to keep them in a more solid container like a wooden box, as the tuck box is really intended as a vehicle for the wrapper design….I suspect not all that durable.

When they go on sale, it will be in my Folksy shop.

Well! What shall I do next…I have a few things on the go, so my next blog entry will be on a different subject. I’ve loved doing these cards and hope that the next ones will be even better, whenever they come to the light.

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